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11th May 2010: Wing fail Sorry to rant a bit but I just wanted to show you all my recent investment here.

I ordered these wings 3 days ago and they arrived today, judging by the picture on the auction (left) they were lovely. However when I got mine..

They looked like every other tacky pair on eBay.

I personally hate them but I just wanted to get opinions from you guys and when I could do to improve them. (To be fair the seller offered me a refund if I sent them back but I just don't have time!)

21st March 2010: Wings Anyone have any good wing recommendations? I already have a white pair but would like a black pair for Cas.

I'm aware of all the ones on eBay, already looked through.
Not interested in any cheap-flat looking ones~

And should I go for Feathered wings or foam like in the attached pic?


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Anonymous - 20th March 2010
I really can't wait to see this!!! :) I love Castiel! <3

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 20th March 2010
I love Cas hes brilliant ^^ That FBI episode made me laugh :P I cant wait to see this Supernatural is great :D

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Monkey - 20th March 2010

Good luck with this! :D

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perfectly_purple - 20th March 2010
Castiel <3

Awesome! Good luck with this!

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Chibi - 20th March 2010
So much love for you right now :3

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TerryRose - 21st March 2010
Thank you for all the comments! I just brought the coat~

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Anonymous - 21st March 2010
From experience of Professor layton, you will be boiling, if its nice weather.

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Blinx - 20th April 2010
Sooo cute <3

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Anonymous - 12th August 2010
oh dear lord!!!!! there will be so many hugs for you in may!!! XD I love cas, to the point where I actually have a tattoo! ^^