Takarazuka - Phantom

Cosplayer: MissBidoof

Variant: from the scene/song "Paris is a Tomb"

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

KitaCon 2010

electricdino avatar

electricdino - 12th March 2010
I so wish I was going to Kita... make sure to get someone to film it... XD XD

Zuka needs more love over here, XD XD

MissBidoof avatar

MissBidoof - 12th March 2010
Oh man, I know right! The Bulmers got me into it with their semi-constant facebook status updates about it XD And now I'm in looooove! Hehe

Your Luigi is IMMENSE <3 I wish you were coming to Kita too!
I'm gonna ask a friend to film it...but I might be shit lol so don't expect too much :'D

MayugeBeam avatar

MayugeBeam - 23rd March 2010
*SAM APPEARS* FFFFF I cannot WAIT to see your WaoErik! <3 <3