Veser Amaker Hatch
Hanna is not a Boy's Name

Cosplayer: sarmander

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Ino avatar

Ino - 16th February 2010
Oh you. XP

Nice job on the wig! I guess it's one you had before. XDD Hey, we have to paint Pippy green. >)

sarmander avatar

sarmander - 16th February 2010


Felixize avatar

Felixize - 18th February 2010
I have no idea what this is, but props to you girl, it looks frickin' BOSS.
I'm totally in love with that little cows lick~! Awesome job on the wig!

sarmander avatar

sarmander - 20th February 2010
Aww, thankyou!! <3

kiichan avatar

kiichan - 21st February 2010
hehe he looks so fun to wear!

Felixize avatar

Felixize - 23rd February 2010
I have, since commenting, out of boredom and utter curiosity read this webcomic.

FFFFFFFFF. It's good. /Very/ good. And dammit now I'm going to be angling for updates all the time!

Really can't wait to see you and Ino as Veser and Conrad now! I hope you can get a bigger group~! 0____0

sarmander avatar

sarmander - 24th February 2010

Aaaaand my job here is done. X3 I'm SO GLAD you've been reading Hanna~! <3
As for a group...well. We have plans. X3

Felixize avatar

Felixize - 24th February 2010
I'm glad :D I've spammed it to a few more people in turn and they also fell in love more or less right away~

I hope I'm there when you do it!! Photos must be had! And if you need any one to fill character slots I'm more than happy to~¦D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 10th March 2010
Ahhh you look fcking awesome :DDD this is amazing! My friend got me into this comic~ so I'm so happy to see costumes from it!

Ino avatar

Ino - 26th June 2010
Cooooooooooooooompleto~~! :D This is going to be SO cool. I want Halloween now!!