Genjyo Sanzo

Cosplayer: xdarkfaex

Variant: Reload

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AmeCon 2007

Monkey avatar

Monkey - 11th January 2008
OMG! Yay! Sanzo cosplay! There really needs to be more Saiyuki cosplay I think! I am a big fan of Saiyuki (Can't you tell by my avatar? :p) one day I want to do a nice big Saiyuki cosplay group (first one we're thinking of is the Homura-Ikkou! - Maybe we could steal you and your mates so we can have Sanzo and everyone to fight up against, haha!)

I hope you finish the costume for Amecon 08 and be prepared for some serious glompage from me! :D

xdarkfaex avatar

xdarkfaex - 9th February 2008
^_^ thanks.

Lol, sounds awesome ^_^ We're always looking for Saiyuki cosplayers to glomp/play fight/photoshoot with ^_^