Roronoa Zoro
One Piece Movie 10

Cosplayer: Gaz

Variant: Strong World

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Ayacon 2011

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 23rd January 2010
8D love you! xDDDD

Berserk667 avatar

Berserk667 - 23rd January 2010
awesome stuff mate. the movie 10 costumes look sweet

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 27th January 2010
I look forward to this, Gaz! That version of Zoro looks totally bad-ass!

Zelda avatar

Zelda - 20th March 2011
Oh i hope you get to do this for aya ^^ thats when i have boa planned <3

Uni avatar

Uni - 13th August 2011
K'yaaaaa! Love, LOVE this design!

DarkShine Cosplay avatar

DarkShine Cosplay - 14th August 2011
Damn you for doing this to Aya >.< lol