Hellsing Ultimate

Cosplayer: Fables

Status: Complete

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KitaCon 2010

15th March 2010: Well... Well! After hopelessly trawling everywhere I could think of for mens XXL shorts that would be baggy on my legs (like Schro's), I gave up. Instread, I'm just going to acknowledge that I'm gonna have to be a womanly Schro. I picked some trousers I can roll up at Boyes the other day so that's the last main part of the outfit... I still can't find the right socks, but I'm not to fussed about those as it's only temporarliy finished!!

12th January 2010: Shorts? Saw the perfect shorts in New Look the other day, but we're very strapped for cash right now so I had to say noooo...

Scs might be an eBay job, too :3

4th January 2010: Xmasss Well, I got the bulk of this for christmas form RyukRedApples :) The wig I already owned and the ears are temporary until I get the prefect ones made! I need to find the shorts from somewhere too, but as atm I'm not doing too bad.

I got the shirt, gloves, armband and flag for christmas, but the shirt is HUGUUUUGE so I've gotta take in a bit. I'm just excited at putting my flag on a flagpole for parading around :)!!!

HotshotShan avatar

HotshotShan - 4th January 2010
It suits you so much, adorable Schrodinger~!

Anggul avatar

Anggul - 22nd March 2010
Heheh, the light of the show (:

I /really/ suggest leaving the flag at home XD


MADALEENA - 30th April 2010
Meaow mew mew maaaaa fab kawaii!

Hotaru avatar

Hotaru - 25th March 2011
finally, i understand the nazi flag XD i memo at kita (or fuyu lol, cant remeber wihch con) i was jus like ... X3 why've you got a nazi flag... now i kno lol XD

Fables avatar

Fables - 26th March 2011
Yeah, that was me last Kita XD It was funny the first time but I doubt I'll bring the flag out again just to avoid any offense~ plus Hellsing isn't that popular or well known anymore so I'd be recognised less :(

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 21st December 2011
Such a cute cosplay. Really suits you.

(I really should check out Hellsing at some point).

Saffron avatar

Saffron - 16th January 2012
Oh god faye you look sooooo cute!!! *eats you