Luigi Lucheni
Elisabeth (Takarazuka 2007)

Cosplayer: electricdino

Variant: Main Outfit - Otozuki Kei

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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1st December 2009: Completed? Retired? Well this costume is pretty much finished and retired... until I get dragged into cosplaying Lucheni again which won't be hard really, XD I had so much in this costume both at October Expo 2009 and the Grand Cosplay Ball 2009.

I could probably work on improving this a lot. Like actually get a jacket that will fit me better. I don't know if I will actually get around to doing that though.

There are some other props I want to make for Lucheni. The camera for definite. But when that will happen I'm not sure.

But yes. Lucheni is retired now until the time comes for him to make a reappearance, XD XD

7th October 2009: The Pointy... I finally have everything needed to start making the dagger now, including the wire!! So yes, once I finish up here and online in general I will be taking up residence in the dining room, ^_^

Yay for more prop making!!

4th October 2009: Teaser Shot Okies, so... I had to test my trousers with the boots to see how much they hid the huge heels on them... and I thought I might aswell try on the top whilst I was at it... and then oh what the hell, on goes the tash and hat, XD

So the most recent picture, that I will upload shortly isn't the finished costume at all. The jacket I used is actually brown and is the one I'm likely going to be taking apart to make my actual one, it's also not long enough since it's a female jacket and Luigi is obviously male.

I also need to modify the top slightly as it has thick black cuffs, they will be gone too. And the tash needs modifying some more aswell, and I need to hide a silver heart on the hat...

And I will have the butter knife... I mean Dagger aswell. Made out of clay and cardboard... oh yeah, XD

But yes, I have done a teaser for you guys, XD

27th September 2009: The Tash... The Tash arrived today and guess what I immediately did. Modified it and took pictures once I was done, XD

I know it still is technically to thick BUT it was twice that thick before I started and covered about half of my face.

I know it's not that great but it's something, XD

Now I just need to work out how to attach it properly, XD

23rd September 2009: First Tan Test = Complete I tried out the tan for the first time today and it was a success. I didn't do all the areas that will be done, just my inner arm, XD And the main reason for this test was to see how orange it made me and how easily it came off.

It didn't make me too orange actually, and you can make the tan darker by doing multiple coats, so it's gonna be a case of seeing what others think when I'm applying it to see how many coats I need to do, XD

Taking it off... couldn't be simplier. The remover I got is amazing, seriously. I will have no problem returning to my naturally pale state. And it is actually quite gentle on my skin which is good... cus my skin is sensitive... XD

So yes, I will definitely be a tanned Lucheni now, ^_^

No pictures yet though, kinda pointless uploading one of my arm... though yes Emi I will send a pic to you so you can see what one coat did to me, ^_^

22nd September 2009: Wooh!! Parcels!! Got two parcels in the mail today. One was the top I won on eBay, just need to wash it and then cut off the thick black cuffs and it's perfect. The other was all the stage make-up I bought including... the tan of DOOM!!! So yes I will be testing that as soon as possible to see how orange it makes me and how easily it comes off, XD

I also went out and bought all my hair supplies for Luigi aswell... his hair is not gonna loose shape when the hat is on, I can tell you that, XD XD

Now just waiting for the tash to arrive and then next payday I'll get the boots and shackles. Yayness! ^_^

18th September 2009: Wants Post NAO!!! I am eagerly awaiting my post now until the awesomeness arrives...

Yes, I have purchased the tash!!! Just need to wait for it to arrive, which should be sometime next week... I wants it NAO though... I wants to play around with it!!!

Oh I also bought the tan aswell, which will be tested as soon as it arrives, ^_^

Only got a few things left to get, awesomeness!

Oh and there has been some discussions about camera making... will keep you updated.

25th August 2009: Event and Update Okies so I now have a definite event that Luigi will be premiered at... not that there is alot to premiere but meh... I'm blanking on appropriate words right now, XD XD

Anyways Luigi will be worn on the Saturday of Oct Expo, for most of the day anyway... at the moment I am involved in a skit for the masquerade so I will be changing out of Luigi for that. And Sunday I'll be Saffir again, but getting off topic...

I have got some updates... Emilie managed to find me the perfect set of handcuffs online which I will be getting soon. Saves me having to make them!! Thank you hun!!

Also I have found some stage makeup that will tan me and should come off easily with the remover. Needless to say I will be testing before the Expo. XD XD Also have found nearly all the stage make-up I will need for Luigi so that's good.

I have found a striped shirt that I will be getting soon. I have found a moustache... I have found where I can get appropriate boots... and I have decided that I need to make the jacket, so I will be needing to get the fabric and the buttons soon and taking a trip down to see my Taiki-kun, ^_^

So yes, expect to see a Luigi Lucheni and a Der Tod walking around causing havoc on the Sat of Oct Expo, XD XD I'll be the one spouting bad Italian and saying Kitsch a lot... may also have an insane look on my face if I'm holding the 'Dagger of Death'!!! That's if we can get one anyway... XD XD

Debbie Ella avatar

Debbie Ella - 19th September 2009
I hate you for making me miss this. T____________T

electricdino avatar

electricdino - 19th September 2009
I'm not making you miss this... and don't worry Leader. We'll have many Elisabeth cosplays in the future, ^_^ And I'll happily wear Lucheni many times too, ^_^ Atleast I'm not doing Rudolf... yeah, no way would I be able to put that costume together.

emichoco avatar

emichoco - 21st September 2009
Ahhh forget the haircolourant!

I thought your hair was much lighter for some reason.

Normal Wax/gel it is then!

Lol I am babbling! Anyway - I can't wait~~~ *innapropriate manly death-squee*

electricdino avatar

electricdino - 21st September 2009
XD XD It's no problem. I'll still need to get some hairspray and things as I has none... but yay for going into town tomorrow!! XD XD

And me either!! We are going to have crazy fun... emphasis on the crazy, XD XD

I won the top btw and it's been posted today. Should arrive this week, ^_^

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 4th October 2009
hahaha!! Looking so awesome hun!! Can't ait to see this X3

MayugeBeam avatar

MayugeBeam - 5th October 2009
*deep breath* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, Luigi! My favourite crazy Italian dude XDD

electricdino avatar

electricdino - 5th October 2009
Thank you guys, XD XD

Kira Izuru - one day we'll have to do a photoshoot or something of both of us as Lucheni, XD Double Trouble!! XD XD

emichoco avatar

emichoco - 5th October 2009
That moustache looks halarious without the Luchieni hair XDD

FANTASTIC THOUGH ARRRGGHHH. I need to fix my boot-covers and then I am all done. Oh and thin out the wig still. D:

Are you going to make the tash a little smaller?? or is it not easy to cut?

electricdino avatar

electricdino - 5th October 2009
Yeah I need to modify the tash a bit more. I also have another one ready to modify and hopefully get better results out of, XD Just need to sit and attack it with some scissors properly, XD XD

I'm sure we'll both be finished in time... hopefully, XD

Debbie Ella avatar

Debbie Ella - 27th October 2009

I'll be back with a more coherent comment another time. *rolls on the floor just a little bit* (and not in a mean way at all)

electricdino avatar

electricdino - 27th October 2009
*snort* XD XD

perfectly_purple avatar

perfectly_purple - 14th December 2009
I'm not really sure what this is from but it looks cool. You look very suave, like a cool Mafia guy! Very nice ^_^

electricdino avatar

electricdino - 22nd December 2009
It's from the musical Elisabeth. It's originally a German musical but I did the Japanese version... if you know what I mean. It's awesome and I would definitely recomend it if you like musical theatre and don't mind watching a foreign language.

And thank you, ^_^ The funny thing is, he's an Italian Terrorist, XD XD But yay for looking suave, XD I was trying to... though I was also trying to look calculating... if you know what I mean again, XD