Dot Hack

Cosplayer: katsarayuki

Variant: Original Dot Infection-Quarantine

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

12th May 2010: 12/05/10 Working on torso armour

11th May 2010: 11/05/10 After it sitting gathering dust for a while I finally managed to get a hold of the drill to make a start for where the hole in the blade needs to be. Now I just need to find a decent saw.

Started tophalf of the armour.

13th August 2009: Planning and starting Ive bought a couple of the materials I need and I have a plan laid out for what needs doing to create this cosplay. It's going to be rather challenging but doable although I'm expecting it to be a debut for next year since there is so much work to be done for it =DD I'm going to start working on the sword after this expo however so you might get to see that before christmas ^w~

07/05/09 Update: Just bought the wood for the sword, yup I said wood it is IMPOSSIBLE to find styrofoam, insulation foam L600 Foam or really any kind of foam where I love so I'm going to try my hand at using wood.

Darkiekun avatar

Darkiekun - 15th May 2010
YAY boob progress XD