Final Fantasy 9

Cosplayer: James

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

24th May 2022: Different angle on the shoes

24th May 2022: The finished shoes for Blank, with great thanks to M.Kesaiyn for doing the sewing of the white fur and doing the bits to go across the shoe

27th April 2022: One the bandage for the leg, done the same way as the arms

27th April 2022: another of one of the arms with the gloves, shows the leather for the stitching nicely

27th April 2022: A few of the parts to do the discoloured skin with dyed bandage material with some leather strips added for the stitching by DefineImagineMJ which made things go a lot smoother and let us do that and the painting on the edge while fully strenched which made for a much better look

26th April 2022: More of DefineImagineMJ great wig styling with the head band

26th April 2022: More of DefineImagineMJ wig styling, without the head band

26th April 2022: DefineImagineMJ has been getting the wig styled for me (this is my first wig) and they have done a great job on it. It is from the front with the head band on

16th April 2022: Rear shot showing the side and back panels

16th April 2022: Side picture of the body armour showing the side panels

16th April 2022: In prog shot of the body armour, the groin armour needs painting (paint really does not want to stick). Armours coming along I think

11th April 2022: WIP of the boots, one of the fir trims done so far. Will need to do the other one and make the brown straps

11th April 2022: The parts I'll be using to try and do the discoloured parts of his skin so I don't have to mess around with bod paint or anything, Also gives me something to ware under the chest armour.

11th April 2022: Close up of the headband

11th April 2022: Extra shots of the leather armour parts

11th April 2022: Been working on a costume for Blank from Final Fantasy 9 with the help of DefineImagineMJ for Kita in August as a friend is going to do Zidane so seem a good choice to do as they seem like they would be a lot of fun together. Still very WIP but it's coming together slowly. Going to start with some in progress shots of the leather armour for the chest and the head band (which still needs it's belt). DefineImagineMJ been providing a lot of help with actually doing the craft side of things as I have very little experiance

M.Kesaiyn avatar

M.Kesaiyn - 11th April 2022
It's already looking so good. Can't wait to see it finished. ^_^'