Kingdom Hearts II

Cosplayer: katsarayuki

Variant: Organisation

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th August 2009: Xemnas Files Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts 2. The cloak is finished, yes I've been lazy and gone with the organisation cloak instead of his final form for ease of being able to change from Riku to Xemnas over the period of the day. Final Form may happen in the future but for now at least there's already another cosplayer going as FF Xemnas. Unfortunately the wig I bought to style was a flop and pretty much useless therefore much to my horror I've had to buy a pre-styled one from ebay which hopefully will arrive soon. I've bought the makeup to make my skin appear darker; Unsure wether it may happen now or not but I had planned to make a dusk plush for my Xemnas cosplay just to be different from everyone carrying light sabers around X__x It all depends on how quickly I can complete my Riku cosplay... I really dont want to carry lightsabers TT^TT