Hatsune Miku
Vocaloid 02

Cosplayer: Fables

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

KitaCon 2010

29th March 2010: *.:COSTUME SUMMARY:.*
~ Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid 02 ~
Once again just throwing an old costume here so I have a record of it, especially since in hindsight some of these pictures came out nice (considering it was 10+ years ago YIKES)
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* Parts I Made:
- The Tie -- Plain black polycotton with blue satin ribbon because I'd ordered a tie that didn't arrive in time.
- The Sleeves -- More black polycotton with more blue satin ribbon and gray fabric backed in craft foam for the 'panel' design.
- The Skirt -- My first pleated skirt! EVEN MORE black polycotton and satin ribbon using a tutorial I found online.

* Parts I Modified:
- The Shirt -- It was a plain grey shirt but I added darts and adjusted the shape and fit around the neckline. I also added some blue lace around the edges for some extra detail.
- The Socks -- I hand-stitched blue ribbon to the top hem of some knee socks to make them look more accurate to Miku's super high boots.
- The Shoes -- I used acrylic paints to add the blue colouring to the sole of the shoes.

* Parts I Bought as-is:
- None
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~ Misc ~
WIG: Ayanamisatoru/GreatArchy09 (eBay shop now closed)