Descendants 3

Cosplayer: Triforceofdragons

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

6th March 2021: Started work on Mal's trousers today. I think the best way to do these is to focus on each individual section at a time, or it'll quickly become overwhelming.

I started from the top front section which is a dark pearlescent blue. I mixed the pearly blue using a combination of black, silver and phthalo blue acrylic paints, until I got a nice blue colour with a shine to it. I painted the entire front section, including the black fabric around the zipper. Mal's zipper is actually at the back, so I'm going to disguise this one with sharpies and then draw in a fake one later. I'm going to let this dry for at least a day, and then if I feel the coat is enough I'm going to then go in with a little bit more black to weather the edges.

26th February 2021: After a few months of procrastinating, I finally finished Mal's wig!

As Hades is my second favourite character in the movie, I decided to do Mal's purple-blue hair towards the end of the movie. I purchased a relatively cheap wig from Ebay which had a purple to lilac gradient, and it looks great. It has natural highlighted strands throughout, in a similar way that my Descendants 2 Mal wig had purple and pink highlights through it. I used black acrylic paint to add a small amount of roots, as the D3 wigs had roots added to them. I'm not 100% sure it looks that good, but for a first time it could have been worse. I'm sure the whole thing will look better when in full makeup and costume! I purchased royal blue wefts from Coscraft and took small 1-2 strand pieces and hotglued them through the wig to just give a little bit more vibrancy to her blue elements. I need to style it properly when I wear it as the added strands are straight and need waves added to them, but I'm happy with how it looks!

Now on to her patchwork monstrosity trousers...

25th February 2021: I found a great base for Mal's trousers on Depop for £20 - they're ASOS Fake Leather Biker Trousers. Once they arrive I'll begin working on them, as I feel her trousers are one of the harder parts of this outfit. I'll be painting them, the exact method used to make the actual items across the movies. Quite hyped to get back into cosplay again now the end of all this madness is in sight!