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Cosplayer: WingedWalrus

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

30th October 2018: Wig Styled Still not good at styling wigs but trying to practice! Used a CosCraft 'Prince' in red, which came fairly well layered anyway, so all I had to do was trim a bit of the length at the back and style the bangs and a biiit at the sides. Pleased with the sides! The front in-the-middle-of-face bang will need adjusting on the day I wear it I think. But the rest is ok. And got the hat, and Myst made me a little badge for it :D

28th October 2018: Jacket Finished Eurgh. So the jacket is finished! You can sort of tell I botched it together. My constant nemesis of neck-collars strikes again; the collar sits too wide on the shoulders and is a bit awkward. But I suppose I'm pleased anyway? For a jacket where I made up most of the pattern it's not bad. Could be neater. But for a quick closet cosplay its not terrible.

28th October 2018: Accessories~ The boots, belt and hat have arrived. Still waiting on some shorts and gloves. Still need to style the wig and finish the jacket though!

21st October 2018: Jacket Started Not as much progress as I wanted this weekend, but the jacket fabric arrived so Ive started on that. So far just got the basic body and sleeves done, but still need to add the collar, cuffs, zip and pocket decorations. Sadly I'll probably have to go against my rule of no-fake-pockets as the jacket is so short and barely comes past my chest... but we'll see.

17th October 2018: Things Ordered! SO big online shopping spree got me ordering a pattern for the jacket, fabric for the jacket, a wig... and as previously stated, the hat, belt and shoes. WHOOP. Now to wait for ye olde postman to begin work on the jacket and voila, will be done!

16th October 2018: Closet Cosplay Deciding to throw this together in two weeks for Hibana. Most of it is buyable... already have the shorts and top, grabbing some boots, a belt, and THE HAT?? Asos is selling a hat thats basically hers? Bakerboy in red with a black brim? ASOS COMING THROUGH FOR THE COSPLAYERS!!

Will need to make the jacket as the chances of finding one accurate enough is hilariously bad. And a wig. Of course. Hehe.

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 30th November 2018
Such a cute costume!

WingedWalrus avatar

WingedWalrus - 2nd December 2018
Thank you :D <3