Voltron: Legendary Defender

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Variant: Casual

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

10th September 2018: Wig Styling I started with a Coscraft Ash wig, shortened up the back and layered up the fringe into three sections.
Everthing is set in place with heat and hairspray.

It looks right on the small wig head, but having worn it once the side curls sit close to my ears, so if I wear this again I'll style them further forward to frame the glasses.

5th September 2018: Finished Boots To get the poofy look I’ve used wadding in the cuffs which also keeps them up straight.
The bottom has elastic running through the hem to keep the toes curved round. Two elastic strips go under the soles to stop them riding up.

2nd September 2018: Boot Covers For the first cover I sewed the main lines before the black notch in the front and it came out a bit wonky as it’s hard to lay flat on the sewing machine.
For the second cover I sewed the bottom line of the black notch first , then the main body and everything lined up easily!
Took the time to unpick the first cover and try again sewing the notch first, no problem.

26th August 2018: Boot Pattern There are several sections to the boots, so I made a pattern by covering the boot in masking tape and drawing on the designs.
Once it was cut off I could smooth it flat and cut the white, orange and black jersey.

25th August 2018: Finished Jumper Sleeves are on, hems are up!
The orange is a flimsy fabric so the white continues the full lengh of the sleeves with the orange laid on top.
For the patch on the collar I wrapped the fabric around a cardboard rectangle to keep the straight edges and sewed that to the jumper.

14th August 2018: Colour Blocks Bit the bullet and chose a length and shape for the bottom of the jumper. It was pretty fiddly and the top corners have a gap that will need hand sewing as the machine couldn’t get in there.

I think it’s too big across the chest, but that’s the only place where the green panels line up at the sides, so baggy it shall stay.

1st July 2018: Collar Assembled I probably made this harder than it needed to be, but got there in the end with many pins and sewing really slowly.

In hind-sight a curved collar that flared out towards the top would have rounded out the oval neckline better than this straight collar. I’m not going to change it now xD

21st June 2018: Jumper This is the roll neck, collar and upper body of the jumper. I’m joining the roll neck to the collar first in case getting it on is a problem and I need to try something else.

The roll neck is double width green scuba folded over so it will stand up better with thin orange jersey layered on top.

16th June 2018: Jumper pattern In what may turn out to be a mistake, I want to use the shorts denim for the grey jumper collar. This means the neck needs to be big enough to put on without stretching.
With some trial and error I got a two part collar worked out, then I reworked it to be one piece that joins in the back.

24th May 2018: Shorts 2 Shorts complete! Just missing a fastener at the top of the zip.

17th May 2018: Shorts The denim shorts with some tweaks. They did still need some little darts in the back and the inside leg needed to taper a little.
Now the sides are pinned while I work out the pocket insert.
Because these are oversized costume trousers I won’t be using much, I’m keeping it simple and just making a two part pocket sewn to the leg panel rather than a free hanging or yoked style.

6th May 2018: Baggy Trousers Mocked up the shorts using a trouser pattern and widening the leg seams to be completely straight. Also left the waist darts out so they will sit lower like board shorts.
Now I’ve got an idea of how long they need to be and how far down the pockets need to go.

19th March 2018: Fabrics Picked up denim for the shorts and scuba for the top. Finding the orange was really hard, I’ve had to take something a bit brighter than I wanted in a thinner jersey.