Sakura Kinomoto
CardCaptor sakura

Cosplayer: TheStarlightFairy

Variant: 20th anniversary pink dress

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

8th October 2018: It was a ruse all along! So it turns out this cosplay was a complete ruse, and was actually a tear-away to hide the yellow star dress for WCS and then later on ECG prelims! We're very reluctant to use the skit for ECG finals so I'm going to be altering this dress to become an actual cosplay in the future c:
This entails:
-taking out all the poppers and making the seams actual seams, as well as re-fitting the bodice in general
-replacing the zip in the back with either a concealed zip or a longer open one (I'm keeping the skirt and bodice separate because it's just so much easier for me
-putting a short zip into the skirt, and separating the back seams for the overskirt and the petti layer, refitting the waistband.
-I want to take out, or at least alter a bit of the pink skirt so it sits more like it does in the reference
-Obtain a Star Wand from Chompworks
-re-doing the sleeves entirely so they fit nicely and have full ruffle
-taking off the ascot and making it a separate piece so the collar of the bodice sits better

Quite the extensive list when I get round to it!

16th April 2018: Progress has happened! Since my last entry, I've made a lot of stars from Pearly Worbla, made a 5m striped ribbon to go around the hem of my dress, and finished wefting the wig! It's been a busy busy couple of weeks (especially as I've been working, and my sister was visiting too!) My fabric arrived too, so I can make a start on the dress properly now aaaaah c:

26th March 2018: RIP me the ribbon demise has begun Because I am an idiot, I am making my own stripe ribbon. This is a test piece to see how much I like the brown on the white, and I'm super happy so FULL STEAM AHEAD


19th March 2018: The wig is dead, long live the wig My old Sakura wig bothers me, so it has been scrapped for parts to blend into my lovely new one! The new colour is much closer to the illustrations, and adding wefts will balance out the height of the wig and hopefully create a nice natural blend <3
Old wig (RIP) is a Coscraft Prince in Toffee, new is a Prince in Caramel!

My mad collection of flower clips makes for the prettiest wefting process...

6th March 2018: Ribbon doom So apparently gathering 100m of ribbon for Madoka didn't satisfy my need for ruffles, so I've got another 70m to play with YAAAAAY
Some of it will be used for the stripy trim, but the vast majority will be infused with my tears and turned into glorious ruffle-age

Why am I like this... oh, because this dress is so damn cute that's why