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Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

7th March 2018: Blazer Modified Sigh. SO with one day before I leave for Minamicon I frantically worked to make the blazer look less stupid. Sides have been brought in a LOT to make it fit better round the waist (still big round the shoulders but waddaya gonna do), have changed the bottom hemline to make it actually more accurate (originally it was straight but now it does the weird angular thing its supposed to) and to make it shorter. Looks passable now. Phew.

6th March 2018: Blazer Woes *weeps* So I've spent the last few weeks intermittently making the blazer. I finally finished it last night and today tried on the whole ensemble... and the blazer... looks... silly... The skirt is so short, and the blazer is normal-blazer-length but it comes down too far over the skirt and makes the skirt look ridiculous. Also the blazer doesn't fit as snugly as I'd like (its just too darned big) so needs to be brought in at like every seam, which is awkward anyway but theres pockets and buttons... *bawls*... toying with the idea of bringing the whole blazer up, like hemming it up a few inches to bring the costume back into proportion with itself but then the blazer looks too short on its own?? And that will render my lovingly-installed pockets moot because they won't be functional anymore. And theres nothing I hate more than fake pockets. So do I make a billion adjustments or remake the entire thing? With only one and a half days before Minamicon?!

12th February 2018: Skirt Finished Finished the blue skirt. The fabric isn't taking well to being pleated though... will need to find a way to reinforce the pleat at the base, me thinks.

4th February 2018: Wig Styling... Is Hard So I started styling the wig (a Coscraft 'Charlie' in toffee). My hilarious inexperience at wig-styling is apparent. The front has gone well, with straight-trimmed bangs and little wavey side locks that I'm really pleased with. The ponytail is... trickier. I've got a ponytail clip-on to achieve that high-pony look but getting the rest of the main wig into a ponytail is awkward. It doesn't like sitting in a high-pony so am going for a low-pony that I can hopefully hide into the clip-on hair. Hopefully. I did buy wefts to sew in if required to hide any netting but yeah. Have made a preliminary ponytail which looks ~okay~ but definitely needs neatening up later.

2nd February 2018: It Begins! Oh lawd. Doki Doki was just such a gosh darned good game. Wanted to cosplay someone and it seemed most appropriate to pick Monika. The uniforms are all the same anyway, just the wigs are different, I suppose.

Wig has been bought but haven't got round to styling yet. It's such a pretty colour~ Bought a few of the more standard items of clothing (white shirt, orangey v-neck, knee-high tights) but will be making the blazer jacket, hair bow and the skirt. The blazer jacket fabric has been a pain to source cos it's such a weird browny-grey-purpley shade. Ended up going with a sandy brown because after a bazillion fabric samples it just wasn't happening so went for colour-co-ordinating aesthetics.

ANYWAY. Have started the skirt. Coming right off finishing Cardcaptor Sakura's winter uniform, I'm using the same pattern for the pleated skirt so should go without a hitch? (ha famous last words it'll be a distaster)

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Amy-Lou - 27th March 2018
Happy I got to see this at Minamicon.
Monika is best girl ;)