Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Cosplayer: White Tigress

Status: Complete

Condition: Ready to wear

24th July 2018: Wig complete I am a little nervous about the spray not being strong enough on the day as this is my very first time doing this sort of thing but here we go :D

13th July 2018: Spoooots! Thankfully I dont have too many left to do ^^

27th June 2018: Spandex hell I am currently finalising the bodysuit. I had to take it in in places as I didnt use a pattern. Next steps will be to remove stray threads, sew it again with a tighter stitch and then to sew the arms on. Then It will be ready for painting.

The wig is almost complete but waiting until payday to get some better hairspray. Some wefts are hotglued into polystyrene balls for added volume. For the red I had some scraps of pvc around and used some plastic corset boning for the parts sticking out.

14th June 2018: Spots on! Finally got a hold of some black paint so I could put the black spots on the earrings, mask and yoyo. I am waiting for the yoyo to dry so I can paint the other side before adding a final gloss to it.

13th June 2018: Wig and yoyo The wig looks choppy now but will be tidied once the caulk dries on the cutoffs and the yoyo will need more coats of paint before varnishing.

21st May 2018: Heating up I have spent a few days on and off making the yoyo and mask. The yoyo is covered in worbla and currently in the process of the final neatening before being painted xD The mask is worbla too and is looking good!

30th April 2018: FABRIC!!!!! Just ordered the fabric and the paints. I decided to spend extra on paints this time as when I used the Dylon brand they kept fading but now I am using Jacquards I am super excited to seeing how this would work!

31st March 2018: Started shopping woohoo!!!! I have spend all evening watching Miraculous cosplay videos and have been inspired to start buying my stuff. Awaiting the wig and base earrings, and got some eva yoga blocks that I will hopefully sand down into the yoyo.