Rose Quartz
Steven Universe

Cosplayer: Chibi

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

30th June 2017: The Wig Begins... And here it is, the part I am dreading more than anything! D: Idk why I seem to like picking characters that have awkward hair...

I'm planning on making use of the awesome Rose Quartz wig tutorial by cowbuttcrunchies:

I ordered some supplies from Coscraft: Jeri in rose pink x2, straight wefts in rose pink x2, 4 wig clips and 2 flesh-coloured wig caps
Already have: Got2B hairspray, hot glue, curlers/curling iron, pink felt/winceyette
Still need to buy: clear packing tape, wire, foam block, tacky glue


23rd June 2017: Sketches (Part 2) Design 2 (no pattern in mind, would have to draw up by myself)

More "interesting" looking design than just flat layers
Could get away with more fabric choices
Ruffles! :3

Inaccurate to references
Not sure what fabric to use (would prefer chiffon to organza for ruffles but would need more of it to get decent volume)
Ruffles! D: unless I got a special ruffling foot I could get impatient and ruin them

I mean, ideally I think I'd wanna make both if I had the time and money D: Design 1 for the daytime and Design 2 for the Kitacon ball...

23rd June 2017: Sketches (Part 1) So while CI was going through the weekend maintenance I decided to try and do some sketching to nail down a design I wanted to use. I came up with 3 and have narrowed it down to 2 but still stuck DX halp pls

Design 1 (based on Butterick 5325)

Accurate to the show
Generally easy dress shape
Already sourced the right coloured duchess satin

Think it might end up looking too plain irl
Awkward scalloped edges
Layers could end up being quite warm/heavy if using duchess satin

16th June 2017: Style and Colours I'm still not 100% sure what I intend to do in terms of the style of the dress, I've seen lots of interpretations about colour and design but I don't know what I want to go for ;A;

I made up a moodboard of other cosplays I found via Google images (sorry for lack of credit :< I'm not sure who they are) in various styles that I liked so I'm trying to use it as inspiration! I love the simplicity/cartoon style of A as it's most like in the show, I love the realistic look/ruffles on B, C looks pretty yet simple and comfortable, D has really nice muted versions of the colours and a slightly more mature look with the bodice/skirt combo and E has the really nice ruched skirt effect to mimic the scalloped shape on the refs.

I've also added more references in various styles to try and help me pick colours and style, Ref A has what looks like a flowing train while Ref B has a more reserved shape, also Ref C has a more varied colour gradient (which I like) and Ref D shows her dress as being super ruffled.

Based on Ref C I've looked at some duchess satin online and found the 4 colours in the moodboard: Ivory, Blush Pink, Soft Pink and Dusky Pink. I think they'd flow into each other quite well, Dusky looks a liiiitle bit too dark but I'm hoping that's just the lighting! I still don't know what style to go for but on the off-chance that I go for something similar to the A style I've found some satin bias binding for the scalloping (because I'm super lazy and I HATE hemming curved edges... >___>)

I also ordered a very pretty belly gem from RocketmanProps on Etsy!

And lastly, not pictured, I will be finding some kind of flesh coloured fabric for the star cutout on her tummy~

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 3rd July 2017
Would love to see this, good luck!

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 4th July 2017
Insert overly excited Pearl here.

Storme avatar

Storme - 4th July 2017
Fabulous makeup test, looking forward to this!

Rhavia avatar

Rhavia - 22nd July 2017
Looking forward to seeing this! :D