Sailor Moon (SeraMyu)

Cosplayer: electricdino

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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RanmaSyaoran - 7th June 2009
It looks just like the original! *_*

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electricdino - 7th June 2009
Thank you, ^_^ We did our best to be as exact as possible with all of our costumes. There are some differences between my costume and the original but only if you look really really closely, XD

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Shenny - 8th June 2009
Awwww you look soooo cute *_*

electricdino avatar

electricdino - 8th June 2009
Thank you, ^_^

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Debbie Ella - 20th June 2009
Dude, you've used the fat-pic of meeee T_T

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electricdino - 20th June 2009
*rollseyes* Like I had any say in the pics you used... besides I wanted to give variety, XD XD And I like those pics!!

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Debbie Ella - 20th June 2009

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Anonymous - 25th June 2009
I failed to mention how much I adore this cosplay, TenTen! You did an outstanding job and make the perfect Saffir :3

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electricdino - 25th June 2009
Aw, thank you hun. ^_^

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Debbie Ella - 25th June 2009

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Defrain - 10th July 2009
loving the new photos

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electricdino - 10th July 2009
Thanks, ^_^ They were from my photoshoot yesterday. ^_^

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perfectly_purple - 5th January 2010
Wow! Looks awesome! ^_^ Can't wait to do a Black Moon Clan group with you guys!

Out of curiousity how similar are the musicals to the anime/manga in terms of story and costumes? I haven't seen any of the live action or musical stuff (and only briefly seen the manga) so I don't know much about the Sailor Moon world :(

electricdino avatar

electricdino - 11th January 2010
Thanks hun, ^_^

The myus... well first off they are more shiny, XD And very colourful but it's Sailor Moon so it's to be expected, XD Though they do tend to cover a bit more skin then the anime fukus or manga fukus would. Atleast... I think so. The plots? Some of them are accurate to the anime/manga. It's sort of a mixture of both. Though some of the myus do have fresh new stories, ^_^

If you have a VHS player I actually own quite a few of the myus on video... I do have one on DVD too but my friend in the states is borrowing it right now.

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j_mercuryuk - 6th April 2011
This is great. The jaket just looks amazing, spot on. I love it :D