Ashu Yuta
b-project kodou*ambitious

Cosplayer: InfiniteJester

Variant: Dark Suit artwork

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

30th October 2016: Shirt progress 2 More progress done on the shirt today - made the tie collar and attached it and sewed on the sleeves. I then finished the front facing ready for the buttons to go on and hemmed the shirt.
It's in the final stages now - just need to attach the buttons, neaten up the neck edge a bit and do the frilly cuffs!

15th October 2016: Shirt progress Began the shirt today using a pattern which handily has the exact neck tie collar he does! (Praise be for Vogue patterns).
So far it's going smoothly - I didn't actually mess up the sizing which is what I was most frightened of.
Very rough progress photo added here - it's mostly sewn together but pinned onto the mannequin for now and the bottom is pinned up into about the right place it will eventually be - I've deliberately made the length too long for now so I can adjust it to assure it's long enough to be tucked into trousers.
I've also half done the collar so I'm about... at the halfway stage? Just have to finish the collar off and attach, attach the sleeves, finishing the button facing, make the sleeve ruffles and hem everything!