Amu Hinamori
Shugo Chara!

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Variant: Amulet Heart

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2016

2nd July 2016: Try On I may keep the skirt at this length after all because my weight is all over the place so I don't feel too comfortable showing off my stomach in cosplay right now! We'll see when I try it on earlier in the day as I've just eaten dinner xD
The costume fits me like a dream though! I've pinned it at the back for it to fit my waist but otherwise it fits me as expected :>

I don't know why the picture won't rotate orz v.v

1st July 2016: Base Patterned out the top out of newspaper and made a mock up out of calico. Then made the top double layered, I sewed it together along the collar, turned it inside out then top stitched the bottom. I'm going to make some matching bias binding for the sleeves as I think it will look better.

For the skirt, I've made so many pleated skirts in my lifetime I can do it with my eyes closed (maybe not, I need my eyes to look at the measuring tape and to not sew my fingers through the pointy needle ;P).
It's a basic pleated circle skirt. I measured below my waist where I wanted the skirt to sit, times this by 1.5 and cut out two circle skirts by this measurement. Pleated it into 2" pleats, hemmed it then added on a waistband with interfacing inside.

Everything so far is made from cotton, everything needs to be pressed and ironed but I'm about to man handle it again so I didn't see the point just for the photo.

Considering I haven't sewn anything in ages, everything is ridiculously neat! Especially my waistband!
I may need to shorten the skirt as there will be a trim along the bottom. I'll do that when I dye the trim and ruffle it.

This cosplay will be put on halt until I dye my fabric to a dark pink, there's not a lot I can do otherwise.