Cosplayer: Fables

Status: Complete

Condition: Ready to wear

31st October 2016: *.:COSTUME SUMMARY:.*
~Sugawara from Haikyuu!~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- None!

* Parts I Modified:
- The Kneepads – They were too tight so I had to add extra elastic to the back
- The Shoes -- I cheaped out and bought plain white trainers, so I painted the blue designs on myself.

* Parts I Bought and wore as-is:
- The Uniform! – A seller was offering custom sizing on eBay so I snbapped it up and I’m glad I did as I’ve not been able to find it since ahaha;;

*Wig Styling:
- I trimmed the front slightly and then the rest of the styling was done by Moonlily on the day!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Coscraft’s Prince in Silver
WORN WITH: Bakurakat as Hinata // Moonlily as Nishinoya // Littlegeeky as Asahi // Freyarule as Kenma // Moonchild as Shimizu