Fire Emblem: Fates

Cosplayer: WingedWalrus

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

10th November 2018: Wig and Headband Finally styled the wig... which has been sat around for two years... I'm not very good at wigs yet but every one is more practice! Also made the white zigzag headband, which I attempted before but have re-done with a much simpler design.

28th March 2018: Back At It Again So it's been two years since I frustratedly shelved this unfinished costume and it's unfinished-ness is bothering me so I want to complete it.

Current status is that I've got a kimono top (which needs a lot of adjusting), a breastplate (which also needs a tad of refitting), a layered skirt, belt, tights, boots and bow prop. I still need to make the headband, style the wig, make modifications to the top, make the collar, make gloves, and make the god forsaken deerskin waist wrap. SO NOT MUCH THEN... *weeps*

27th July 2016: MOAR FABRIC WOES Oh lord.

So the faux fur I had for the waist-wrap won't be large enough to wrap around me totally, and I've only just realised this, so I ordered more of it on 24 hour delivery. Ordered 48 hours ago. And it hasn't been dispatched. SON OF A-

So that's worrying. I leave for Ame tomorrow afternoon. Oh god oh man oh god oh man.

Breastplate is done, collar needs adding. No idea how I'll do that. Gloves are in progress. Headband needs doing. Rope detailing needs adding to the kimono sleeves. Need to actually buy said rope. I AM SO DISORGANISED IT'LL BE A MIRACLE IF THIS IS COMPLETE BY THE CON.

24th July 2016: Kimono Top Complete Ame is 1 weeks away... AAAHHH ><

Have finished the kimono top. It's been done in grey, rather than the greenish-grey of the reference images, simply because the greenish-grey was impossible to find ANYWHERE. Sigh. I did luck out on the material for the gloves though; matches perfectly to the tights. Woot.

Still got to do -> white breastplate/collar/backplate combo, headband, gloves, and fluffy butt cover. NOT MUCH THEN. AAHHH-

9th July 2016: Skirt Complete Oh boy. For a component that will be 90% covered, the skirt ain't half complicated.

It's a double-skirt, with the white scalloped skirt underneath and the black split segments on top, attached to the same waistband for ease of wearing.

It doesn't look too bad! Zip could be neater but tbh it'll be covered by the fluffy deerskin butt-fluff anyway.

SO much left to do for this costume, and Amecon is only 3 weeks away! ><

26th June 2016: Fabric Woes Oh dear Lord. So the main body of her kimono is an odd grey/green/blue colour, which is apparently impossible to find anywhere. After ordering two colours online and both being too green, and searching about five different fabric stores in different cities in the South, I've eventually given up and gone with plain grey. I figure it'll look better in just grey than just green. The colour palatte of the costume is thrown off with it being too green (I mean, like, bottle greens) so grey seemed the way to go. Have finally bought some fabric, hoping all goes well.

Have started on the skirt already. Planning a double skirt with the dark strips on top of the scalloped white. White is ready to go, but am re-making the dark in a darker less-green fabric. Basically cutting the green outta this costume. Sigh.

31st May 2016: Wig Ordered (aka It Begins!) Ordered what looks like the perfect wig. Sat and planned out the costume. There are a lot of components but they all look... do-able? Lots of patterns to work out myself. Wish me luck...