Final Fantasy III

Cosplayer: WingedWalrus

Variant: Bard

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set


8th March 2018: New Wig Planning to re-wear this, but alas, my hair is no longer blonde so I've had to buy a wig. Sigh.

11th August 2016: i HaTe ZiG zAgS Urghhh. I sewed the zig-zags on the scarf wrong. They were going to match up beautifully but stupid me managed to sew one of them on backwards, so they wouldnt match, and there was no way to fix it without re-making the entire scarf. SO I compromised and changed the zig-zags on the remaining section, so it looks ok, but the zig-zags are half the size on one part than the other. FFFF-

But I've cobbled together the remaining scarf bits and its just... about... done... Good thing. Toko is tomorrow. fdjsklaghsdg

3rd August 2016: Rapid Progress So the day before Amecon it became clear that I wouldn't finish Setsuna as planned, so I raced to get this finished... I didn't succeed, but thats beside the point!

Tunic is now finished. Scarf-bow has been started but not very well. Need to finish that and the headband. Should be ready for Toko!

8th June 2016: Tunic Started Started on the blue tunic! Got the body done, complete with weirdly-complex collar and added modesty-panel... There's a slit down the front that went a bit too low so yeah... added a little extra. Hehe. Taking creative license with the tunic as it's mostly covered by the scarf anyway. But it's loose and lightweight, something fit for a bard! Need to neaten up the bottom and add the sleeves.

4th June 2016: Boots Bought, Fabric Ready I've got myself a cute pair of green boots from ebay. Fabric also purchased for the jumper/top thing. Sky blue and lemon yellow. Lovely~