Kagura Sohma
Fruits Basket

Cosplayer: WingedWalrus

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2016

3rd July 2016: Wig Trimmed So I got around to trimming the wig for Kagura. The one I bought was a bit too long (came down to my chest rather than my shoulders) and the bangs got in my eyes. So snip snip! This was actually my first time trimming a wig. Ever. I'm not really sure how I managed this long without it but yeah. Done! Didn't turn out too badly either!

28th June 2016: Components Aquired! So I've made the dress, bought a white long-sleeved top (I couldve made the sleeves but life is short and ebay is cheap), black leggings, got some boots and the wig. Wig needs a bit of trimming but otherwise done!

15th June 2016: New Wig Arrived Ordered a new wig for Kagura. I bought one ages ago but I think they sent me the wrong colour, cos it was really light brown. Finally got round to ordering a new one and it arrived today. Good colour! Needs a bit of a trim (aah) but woo!

12th June 2016: Dress Finished! YAY AT LAST! Dress finished. Added godets into the skirt and finished it. The fabric is a bit stiff so it sits oddly sometimes but I'm proud! First finished garment in 3 years!

Now I've just gotta sort the white sleeves, some leggings, and done!

2nd June 2016: Dress Skirt Added I managed to add the skirt to the bodice, and after a long fight with the elastic, got it to look like an actual dress. All I gotta do now is to add some godets for poofiness, take the length up a bit, and finish the bottom. Simples!

23rd May 2016: Lots of Progress! I've had the fabric for this sat around for three years. A few months ago I cut the pattern pieces, and today I had a day off work so spent the afternoon working on the dress. Have constructed the bodice, and attached the skirt, just need to sort out the waistband.