Jackson Jeckyll
Monster High

Cosplayer: CrimsonGaara

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

14th May 2014: Wig Styling Progress More cosplay wig progress - I tried it on and I really don't like how it looks on me. T^T ;;

14th May 2014: Slicking Down the Back I've been working on slicking down the back of cosplay wig because it's originally a really poofy Sasuke/Zack wig? It's going well but I think it'll need more trimming and cleaning up later, but I've been offered ice-cream and I'm broke so even though I hate chocolate flavoured ice-cream it's probably going to be my last for a while so that happens first. :D

14th May 2014: Wefting the Fringe Sewed in 3 rows of blonde into my cosplay wig ~

22nd April 2014: Vest Purchased Trying on my shirt with the sweater vest, it just needs a bit of paint on certain squares and a bit of repair work~ After the wig and sweater vest, I actually only need pale grey jeans and a bow tie! I'm so close~

22nd April 2014: Wig Styling Progress Can't see much but I tested the wefts by using hair slides in them, I think the black bits in the front definitely needs to be shorter but I think the yellow will be thick enough with that much in.

21st April 2014: Preparing the Wefts I cleaned the wefts up, in preparation to be attached to my wig!

21st April 2014: Preparing the Wefts This was originally a wig to be styled for a Birthday gift, but one of my housemates fucking destroyed it. :| So, I chopped it up to use for a part of Jackson.

22nd January 2014: Shirt Shirt from my Amore Mio England cosplay.

18th December 2013: Shoes .