Rune Factory Frontier

Cosplayer: concerning_kj

Variant: Everyday outfit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd September 2016: Pre-con prep So I finally attached the cuffs bottom parts of the sleeves and they don't look great but whatever we'll go with it.

I spent last night hand embroidering the design and sewing on the buttons and I honestly just can't wait to get the whole ensemble together.

17th September 2016: Wig test! Wig and makeup practise run at midnight. I'm feeling good about light eyes and contouring. I'm not really needing anything particularly dramatic I don't think.

6th September 2016: Just the finishing touches yet to add I've finished the lapels of the jacket, and added a couple of extra buttons on the back just because I could. I'm really happy with this.

The trousers are also done, added little elasticated caps over the top of the knee.

1st September 2016: Hat! It's a hot glue DISASTER but her top hat is done. I really did try to keep it neat but it looks a bit shit to be honest. It was tough with the type of material I was using to get the cover nice and smooth. But it's done!

28th August 2016: Buttons Swapped the plain button at the top of the jacket for a rose shaped one. Began to add more small details to the jacket. Swapped the fixture at the top from a button to a hook and eye closure.

Tried to fix the lapels but ended up screaming a little instead.

13th August 2016: Jacket progress (Lining and shape) I cut the jacket from a full length one to a short tailcoat shape. I'm screeching. It was so stressful. Ive also begun to fit the lining. It needs a good iron but I'm happy with the way it's looking.

I'm planning on finishing off the attachment of the lining (maybe with wundaweb, because I dont want to have obvious stitches on the back of the jacket). I'm also reconsidering the way that it buttons up the front. I think the shape might be improved if I use hook and eye closures instead of buttons - which tend to pull a little across my chest and look unattractive.

11th August 2016: Trouser progress! So I've finished the sewing part of the trousers. They're made out of a second hand undersheet I bought (brand new!) from a charity shop. I messed up my first attempt pretty badly but thankfully my second pair worked out fine.

10th July 2016: Shirt and Progress! I was intending to make the jacket from scratch, but I happened upon an absolutely perfect base jacket in a vintage shop for £10 so I decided to cut myself some slack and use it. I've thus far cut off the original buttons and replaced them with gold ones I had lying around. Next I need to cut it into the tailcoat shape. I've bought the lining material and the material for the lapels and the cuffs but I'm nervous about making major changes.

I've also more or less finished the shirt -- seam ripping the sleeves off an old shirt of mine and adding an extra lace ruffle using odds and ends I bought for <5p.