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Cosplay/Con Plans 2022

M.Kesaiyn - 11th April 2022

Hi all. It seems to have been quite dead in here for some time now, so I thought to add something. What are everyone's plans for this year? I have Kitacon and Hotarucon booked (at the time of writing this both seem to still have spaces available), and I'm working on:

Zidane - Final Fantasy 9
Adol - Ys: Memories of Celceta

I am also going to be working at trying to revamp Beatrix (FF9), but it's an older costume now so it might need extra work. I don't know if I can get that finished this year, but we'll see. I'm also helping my friend make Blank, and time is already getting away.

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Lady Oni - 13th April 2022

After the rush of Kokorocon I might slow down a little for now but I have stuff for a Diane cosplay from Seven Deadly Sins.

So far this year alone I completed Sheik (Smash), Tsukimi (Kuragahime), Uravity (MHA) and Alice (AiW). I want to make some little upgrades to Sheik.

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M.Kesaiyn - 13th April 2022

I haven't seen your Sheik yet. I don't play Smash, but I have played Ocarina of Time. I'll check out your photos.
Are you going to any other cons this year?

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Lady Oni - 14th April 2022

Ill be at Amecon :D

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M.Kesaiyn - 14th April 2022

I didn't know Amecon was running this year. As far as I know, I'll just be Kita and Hotaru (which took the place of Hibana).

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New site! New bugs?
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Cosplay/Con Plans 2022
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Meeting cosplayers
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Cosplay Commission
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