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Learning to sew has honestly been a decision for me that was fuelled by the desire to cosplay. I've only just started learning how to sew and I did my first "proper" cosplays with wigs and handmade elements at a convention in 2015. However, I've always loved 'dressing up' and have been doing embarrassing things like turning up to see "The Hobbit" for my friend's birthday in poorly cobbled together Frodo Baggins costumes since 2012.

Since I cosplay on a tight budget and a low skill level, most of my cosplays are created through very simple sewing and altering things I buy in charity shops. (Although I am hoping to work on doing more things from scratch.) I know it's a stepping stone, and someday I will hopefully look back on it in disgust, but that doesn't make me any less proud of my end results!

So far, all I have really done are crossplays, I am not entirely sure why. I'd definitely like to do more cosplays (just in general) but unfortunately, I don't really have any friends who have the same hobbies.

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MCM Comic Con Scotland 2019
Edgar Allan Poe, Sofia


MCM Scotland Comic Con 2018
Merlin, Sophie Hatter


MCM Comic Con Scotland 2017
Merida, Dolores Umbridge


MCM Scotland Comic Con 2016
Selphy, "The Villager"


MCM Scotland Comic-Con 2015
Merlin, Marty McFly

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